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2010 China Tourism Industry Day Workshop

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2010 Festival Workshop on China''''s tourism industry: Industry Day to highlight the features to demonstrate results.

MOSCOW for China tourism industry to run in 2010 Festival, to promote sound and rapid development of the tourism industry, the National Tourism Bureau and the Tianjin municipal government has recently co-sponsored by China''''s tourism industry, 2010 sessions of seminars.

Ren Xuefeng, vice mayor of Tianjin, China National Tourism Administration Deputy Director Wang-fat, party members of the China National Tourism Administration, Planning and Financial Director Wu literary attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

REN Xue-feng said that the Chinese tourism industry has been included in next year''''s festival focused on the work of the municipal government of Tianjin Municipal Committee, he pointed out that the 2010 Festival will highlight China''''s tourism industry, the theme of play Tianjin manufacturing advantages, the industrial section of unique, a high standard for the Chinese the development of the tourism industry to make a useful attempt.

Fa Wang pointed out that to further clarify the industrial section of the positioning, in the overall thinking and planning to highlight four points: First, to highlight the characteristics of the tourism industry, fully demonstrated the development of tourism industry results, to lead the development of tourism industry orientation; Second, we should give full play to professional organizations and the role of institutions, with the help of various aspects of wisdom, learn from advanced international experience and practices, the industry to do more creative section; third is to encourage enterprises to play a leading role, to run out the effectiveness of industrial section; Fourth, according to leading nature of high-end nature, forward-looking demand focused, results-oriented.

Wu literature suggested that section should be based on the tourism industry, productivity, mobility and excavation, to achieve maximum allocation of resources. We must unswervingly and return to industry, location, maintain compliance with the law of the development of tourism, and strengthen demonstration, guiding role, insist on high standards of positioning, focus and highlights.

Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, and Liaoning provinces and cities in the tourism sector leaders, experts and scholars and representatives of tourism enterprises around the study and implement the "State Council on Accelerating the development of tourism opinions" and implement "in Tianjin on Speeding up the development of tourism cooperation agreement," the to run next year, industry, and discuss the section.