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Finland-China Development and Exchange Center

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Finland-China Development and Exchange Center is the agency appointed by government of Helsinki to conduct visits and inspection, and it is overseas training channel (No. 265803) of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. We are specialized in arranging business invitations for visiting Sweden and Denmark and businesses, inspection and training activities for Chinese government departments at all levels and business communities with the purpose of visiting Finland and other Northern Europe countries.
Our Center possesses the great advantage of combining eastern and western cultures, businesses and technologies, located at the World Trade Center in Helsinki where is the central of Helsinki with convenient transportation. Meanwhile, the World Trade Center in Helsinki has the professional training environment and services, especially our Finland-China Development and Exchange Center. The resources of teachers and experts are abundant, while we have good relations with Finnish government departments (Department of Labor, Department of Education and Department of Trade and Industry), and with government and departments of Helsinki and surrounding cities like Vantaa and Espoo.
We sincerely hope that our technology and business inspecting visits, training and study programmes can satisfy the needs and demands of Chinese clients. We also hope that our Chinese guests would make recommendations and opinions for our visit and training in all aspects, and help us to design for Chinese guests visit and training program and contents of even better.