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Exhibits in N1 Hall in CTEE2011-1

Update: 2016-01-14 13:16      View:


In the future CTEE 2011, the exhibits of Tourism Equipment will showed in the N1 Hall of Tianjin Meijiang Exhibition and Convention Center.

First kind: E-commerce, Web Services, IT, Digital Products.
Electronic products, Laptops, Game Console, Electronic products relating with the travel, Electronic recovery technology, Electronic tickets, Labels, POS, Electronic monitoring equipment, Geographic information technologies and products. "World Map ", Scenic spot monitoring, Scenic spot security, Scenic spot rescue and protection, Navigation devices, Intelligent kitchen, intelligent robots, personal electronic equipment, information management software, FID electronic identification technology, Scenic spot digital interpretation system , Technology of reservation online, development software such as: navigation, multimedia integration, electronic maps, web development software and hardware products, communications equipment and technology, reservations online, advertising media equipment, travel applicable ERP software program development products, self-help short message service, mobile phone guide ,information technology, digital, management services and technology used in major sectors of governmental tourism.