Our team - zhongzhanlangtian

Beijing ZhongzhanLangtian Science and Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd . thanks to the Tianjin Industrial Festival Organizing Committee's trust and love, honor to become industry of Tianjin in 2010 the Festival travel equipment exhibition (N1) Pavilion organizer. Our company with good relations of cooperation with the Ministry of science and technology under the China Technology Market Association for many years, by the organizing committee, invited the association to become a travel equipment exhibition organizer (Hall N1).

My company was commissioned by the Organizing Committee of the Ministry of science and technology Huang Qitao invited to attend the opening ceremony of the general assembly, and made a "scientific and technological innovation and institutional reform to guide China's tourism industry," the statement. With the consent of the Organizing Committee and the principal, we hereby invite the Australian touring car industry association president. Let Mr. Yates, chairman of the association of theme park in the Netherlands. Mr. Bao attending the conference, and spoke at the opening of the main forum by our exhibitors are welcome. To help our company China Technology Market Association during the Congress on October 14 in the afternoon held a "science and technology is the new growth point" in tourism equipment forum, all participating representatives interactive talk about science and technology in the tourism industry to play a role, the delegates said tourism equipment for science and technology has opened up new markets.

At the same time we also on October 15 morning, held the title: "tourism equipment science and technology innovation forum and seminar" forum, the special invitation of well-known travel theorists Mr Wei Xiaoan and Dutch theme park association chairman let. Mr. Bao spoke, also invited the Beijing Science and Technology University Zang Xiaojun Dr., American Saijiali Co., Ltd., chairman Mr. Han Xiaolu, Hales of new environmentally friendly building materials company chairman Qiu Yudong Mr. etc. eight science and technology representatives of the exhibitors to speak. A number of technical projects in this release.

All the staff of our company under the leadership of general manager Lu Qingshan, the spirit of "warm, active, thoughtful, meticulous," the purpose of the service, during the exhibition service for the exhibitors, for the visitors service. Exhibition preparation, my company in the form of short message platform, the exhibition will be informed of the relevant information to the exhibitors. Our staff actively cooperate with the help of the exhibitors according to the procedures for the relevant procedures, and help exhibitors booth. During the exhibition, our staff will do our best to help the exhibitors to solve all kinds of problems, and friendly to answer some questions raised by the audience. Our thoughtful service has been affirmed by the Organizing Committee of the festival of tourism industry, and also received the unanimous praise from the exhibitors and the audience.

Through this exhibition, our company's young team has been very good exercise. We firmly believe that tomorrow will be better.