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2010 Chinese Tourism Industry Development Summit is held

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2010 Chinese Tourism Industry Development Summit is held in Tianjin Municipality.

In order to discuss the innovative development of Tourism Equipment Product Industry well, the 2010 Chinese Tourism Industry Development Summit covers three special forums.


One forum is Yacht-the High End Industry Imagination, another is the Develpmrnt of the Finace Lease and Tourism Industry. The last one is the New Growth rate of Tourism Econony.

Huang Qitao, the pre-minister of China Ministry of Science and Technology, stated the strategic thinking about the technological innovation of Equipent Product Industry with the topic that technological innovation will guide the Chinese Tourism Industry.


He said, the prospect of the Chinese Tourism Product Industry is wide, but there are some proplems such as late starting , small scale, low level and bad technique. It is obvious fact that comparing with the advance technique in the world, the Chinese Tourism Production Industry seems not good. In order to keep the pace with the world level and realise the changes from the weaker to stronger, technological innovation will be necessary.