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To create new leisure life, Dutch KIP motor homes pull into

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With the purpose of better satisfying Chinese citizen’s needs of leisure tour and improving the quality of lives, the Chinese State Council officially published “National Travel and Leisure Compendium” on 18th of February, which provides Chinese citizens with an effective legal guarantee and a criterion of living quality. In this context, the well-known Dutch company “KIP” with its around 80 years experience in motor home area entered Chinese market to supply Chinese citizens the essential traveling equipments  
After signing general agency agreement for China with Dutch KIP Company on 25th of January, Beijing Kai Pu Zhong He International Trading Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing of motor home products from Dutch KIP Company on 20th of May 2013. The first batch of motor home from KIP Company was unveiled in China and made its first public appearance in market in Beijing.

CEO Mr. Henk from KIP Company speaking at the press conference

CEO Ms. Feng Xue from Beijing Kai Pu Zhong He International Trading Ltd. speaking at the press conference
Said CEO Mr. Henk from KIP Company at the press conference: KIP Company was established in 1934, when Dutch people started to camping before the Second World War.  From 1940s and 1950s, camping started to be popular and deeply rooted in people’s heart in Europe ever since, and it developed in a rapid pace, since people got their freedom back after the war and it was interesting that one can go camping together with family members after diligent work. It is spending time with family especially with children that is the glamour of camping.

CEO Mr. Henk from KIP Company awarded key to the first KIP motor home buyer, Mr. Wang
The name of KIP Company was named after the founder (Jan Kip)’s last name. In the year of 1926, Jan Kip was studying in east of the Netherlands, while his girl friend lived in the west, and it usually took him 2 to 3 hours to go to his girlfriend’s place. It inspired him that he built his first simple motor home, so that Jan Kip did not need to rush back to home, while ha could stay in his motor home. In a sort of sense, the emergence of KIP motor home was the crystal of their love.
1934, Jan Kip set up manufacturing factory in Hoogeveen in the Netherlands that designed and produced travel trailers. Then, the travel trailer manufactured in KIP was promoted to the entire Holland and other western European countries. Based on good quality and guided by innovation, KIP Company’s persistence was accepted by consumers. There were nearly 10,000 trailers put into consumer market after 1980. And since first establishment, there are 200,000 trailers put into consumer market within this 80 years.
There are five different types: Harbor, Ethereality, Gray Line, Warrior and Phantom landing in Chinese market. All of these types are the products with improved design after KIP Company carefully studying traffic conditions and requirements from motor home market in China. Hopefully, motor homes from KIP Company can bring new power to Chinese market and new experience for consumers. Just as the way Mr. Henk said: the mission for KIP in China is to attract more people to know, to feel and to experience motor homes, and to bring leisure and happiness to family lives by camping.